My artistic practice aims to explore through experimentation with industrial materials in a range of applications. I have worked in the sculptural field to analyse and investigate forms primarily through planer manipulation. This is alongside an intuitive drawing practice charged primarily by a ‘wet on wet’ application of paints and inks. My artistic motivation is that I believe in an art that is a co-creative process between the viewer and the artwork. I am attempting to activate the idea of the co-creator of an artwork being the viewer through their own artistically imaginative process. The success of this is dependant on the viewer attempting to mentally reconstruct the object/image and the interest arrives through the additions brought to the image and the slippage of information removed or ignored. Selection and archiving of my artwork for this website brought a further dimension to light, that of the overall de-constructive process to my art-making. This particular insight into my work can be shown through the early material experimentation to the more advanced layered paintings that I attempt now. I thank you for your time.